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Garment Bag

  • Polyester Suit Bag

    Polyester Suit Bag

    Nowadays, there are many expensive suits on the market. How to protect the expensive suits and clothing is an important thing. Many famous brands will choose suit bag to keep the suits new during the storage process. 

  • Eco Friendly Canvas Cotton Garment Suit Cover

    Eco Friendly Canvas Cotton Garment Suit Cover

    What is a garment suit cover? A garment suit cover bag is a common  items for business trip or travel. The suit cover is a soft, which is designed to carry that are usually kept on a hanger. 

  • Reusable Foldable Garment bag

    Reusable Foldable Garment bag

    Garment bag, also is called as suit bag or garment covers, usually used to transport suits, jackets, and other clothing. Clothing can be protected from dust through the garment bag. People usually hanging them inside with their hangers in closet bar. 

  • Custom Wedding Dress Bag

    Custom Wedding Dress Bag

    Wedding dress bag, is also called protective garment bag. People could buy it from a bridal boutique, stores, and other clothing stores. The main color of this wedding dress bag is black, and matched with gray.