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Shopping Bag

  • Wine Non Woven Bag

    Wine Non Woven Bag

    Wine shopping bag is necessities for liquor store. Generally speaking, these stores might choose brighter colors. There are many colors can be chosen. Beyond color, you can printed your logo on the bags. Wine bag can be made of non woven, pp woven, cotton and polyester. It is very heavy and good quality.

  • Shoulder Bag

    Shoulder Bag

    Non woven shoulder bag is one kind of shopping bag. It is perfect for daily use which makes your personalized logo, brand or slogan return daily on the streets, schools, parks, supermarkets. The shoulder strap is adjustable, that makes it possible for the shoulder bags to be used by young and old. 

  • Paper Shopping Bag

    Paper Shopping Bag

    Paper grocery bag has been a eco friendly bag for many years. Long time ago, people used cloth and jute bag to pack goods. For the small goods, retailers would like to used the paper bag to put goods, like candy store, vendors, bakers, and so on. 

  • Laminated Non Woven Bag

    Laminated Non Woven Bag

    If you want a shopping bag, this laminated non woven bag is great for you. It can be used in Beauty Supplies, Books, Crafts Stores, Cards, Gifts Stores, Clothing Stores, Department Stores, Fast Food Stores, Furniture Stores, Gift & Flower Shop, Grocery Stores, Jewelry Stores, Music, Video Stores, Office Supplies, Pharmacy & Drugstore, Restaurants, Shoe Stores, Sporting Goods, Supermarket & Liquor Stores, Toy Stores and other shopping places. This bag is super strong and are resistant to tear and wear. 

  • Jute Shopping Bag

    Jute Shopping Bag

    Jute shopping bag, also is called hemp grocery bag, is made of 100% reusable hemp, and also is biodegradable and eco-friendly material and does not pollute our environments. Hemp is a rain-fed crop that does not require irrigation, chemical fertilizer, or pesticides, and therefore is very eco-friendly and highly sustainable. 

  • Foldable Shopping Bag

    Foldable Shopping Bag

    Foldable shopping bag is made of polyester, which is durable, strong and lightweight and easy to clean and durable. It is also waterproof, so you should not worry about the water or soup to pollute the bags.